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Aimee J Mattila
Expressive Arts & Spiritual Coach
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An interactive, hands on, intuitive and spontaneous exploration of one’s self through the arts.  Different media and exercises are used along with mindfulness meditation and guided visualization.  Some art process are done in silence and there is time for sharing and journaling.  No experience necessary.  Creative art expression and interactive imagination play in conjunction with mindfulness is useful in providing an opportunity to be creative and express your inner self, enhance and foster personal joy, develop a sense of self-discovery, personal fulfillment and self-empowerment.

CREATIVITY  &  MINDFULNESS   -   Weekend  Workshop  
Creativity, Imagination & The Sacred Vessel of Silence Open your heart and open your mind.  Claim your personal power, explore all facets of your creative and intuitive essence, expand your consciousness and embody your natural radiance.  Express your true nature through the visual arts, movement and language arts.  Workshop is a blend of hands on, interactive and experiential exercises in creative exploration; combined with rituals, play, meditation and personal reflection.  Portion of the workshop is spent in silence.  All are welcome as we create a safe and nurturing environment for ourselves.  The experiential exercises in this workshop are set up to shift one out of their normal thought patterns, allowing for creative insight, awareness and the creation of new neural pathways in the brain.
No experience necessary.                                                   
Friday evening, all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon.  


A meditative and joyful dance experience.  Dance begins slowly with guided meditation, progressing step by step through stretching and into movement.  Different abled bodies are welcome.  Music is specifically choreographed to create a sacred space for personal expression.  Movement rises and crescendos with a free form enlivened dance segment, then unwinds gradually and ends gracefully in stillness.  Different rhythms, styles, cultures, beats and tempos are presented to encourage one to move the body in new and different ways which helps to create new neural net pathways in the brain.  Ends with sharing circle.

This service is a special time of meditation, prayer, poetry, silence, chanting and contemplation. Taize is a sacred prayer service that originated in the Taize community of France.  Brother Roger created this service in the 1940’s during WWII.
“Nothing is more conducive to a communion with the living God than a meditative common prayer with, as its high point, singing that never ends but continues in the silence of one’s heart when one is alone again.”        Brother Roger  

Aimee helps people with life changes, personal development,  spiritual growth and enrichment, so they can live a more fulfilled life.  She sees person to person clients in California (CA) and Oregon (OR). 
All others by phone or skype.
Aimee has a special ability to build clarity, deep peace, happiness, and satisfaction in life.  Additionally, she is acclaimed for her work as a meditation instructor, spiritual guide, affirmative prayer practitioner, creativity and imagination instructor and art expressionist. 
Aimee works in person one on one and teaches classes.         

Study and practice traditional Buddhist techniques along with guided spiritual meditations in a secular, supportive and nurturing environment.  Sitting, walking/movement and eating meditations plus wisdom talks, personal assistance, loving kindness practice and discussion groups. 

Put an end to wishing about how your life could be.
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Aimee J Mattila  -  Life Enrichment Coaching

Available for Workshops, Retreats and Coaching. 
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